We offer the best quality vs. price package that is out on the market. We offer Fast, Reliable and Managed Unix Hosting on a fully redundant OC12 line with multiple backup T-3 lines.
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

This page will answer most of your questions regarding hosting. If you still have any question or problem, feel free to contact us. This page will be updated frequently.
  1. How do I login to my control panel?
    You can login at http://www.hostingtec.com/login.html
    Use your domain name (without http://www) as your login name
  2. How do I check my traffic statistics?
    Use the following url: http://www.yoursite.com/webstat
  3. How do I check my mail using a web based interface?
    Use the following url: http://webmail.yoursite.com
  4. Where should I make my domain's name servers point to once I want to transfer my site over to you?
    Use the following:
    Primary Server Hostname: NS1.SECUREDATATRANSPORT.COM
    Primary Server Netaddress:
    Secondary Server Hostname: NS2.SECUREDATATRANSPORT.COM
    Secondary Server Hostname:
  5. What address should I use for ftp?
    Use your domain name as the ftp address
  6. What is the path for sendmail?
  7. What is the path for perl?
  8. Domain Path
  9. Cgi-bin Path

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